Yan-Gin, the City of Fire, is the largest city on Ankara, the Powder Isle.

Located in the southern bay of Ankara, it is home to the Fire Factorums, owned by the Powder Guild, one of the wealthiest and most influential guilds in the Shattered Islands.

The City has 3 primary guilds:
The Powder Guild – Exclusively Orcish in membership, the Powder Guild is the premier guild of Ankara, and the Islands. It controls and maintains the factories and recipe blends for the fire powder that has begun to become a dominating force for those who can afford it.
The Shippers Guild – Open to all races, these men and women control the docks of Ankara. They determine what gets shipped when, what captains find issue or ease with taxes or inspections. Half criminal, half merchant, they are despised by visitors to the island, and accepted as a normal part of life by those who belong here.
The Explorers Guild – The Explorers guild is not a wealthy guild, but it has seen a wealth of popularity recently. It is more of a loose conglomerate of rivals, all searching to find lost treasures and lost history of the Shattered Islands. It has seen a resurgence after treasures and lost ships have been found in recent years.

The Fire Factorums produce fire powder, and devices to use said fire powder. Firearms are produced here, and in other places, but fire powder is only produced in quantity here, though some Orcs are aware of formulae, so it can be produced in small scale in other areas. The Powder Guild, has, however, been known to employ assassins when other locations or islands have attempted to build a factor um of their own.

The city itself is ruled by a Council. The Council is made of powerful men and women from each of the districts, and each of the guilds.

There are 6 districts in the city, and 3 guilds, giving the Council 9 members. It had previously been 8 members, but riots in the Copper District, the tenements and slums that are the only place humans live, led to the appointment of a Human Councilman, as the Copper District is exclusively human.

The Districts:
The Fire District – The industrial district. The Fire Factorum resides here, as do tanneries, ship builders, blacksmiths, and many other labors that have an effect on the area around them. Homes are also here, though only to non-humans. Humans who work here, and other districts, must make their way from the Copper district.
The Ivory District – Wealthy homes, mostly, this is where the guildmasters, the Council men, the rich merchants, and more live.
The Gold District – mostly merchants, bazaars, homes, and street vendors. Most of the money that changes hands among the residents of the city change hands here. It is much like the sea district, but here, the brights shine brighter, and the darks are deeper. It is said, if you know the right people, anything can be bought here.
The Sea District – The Docks, the shipyards, the whore houses, the businesses that serve visitors. Taverns, inns, hotels, and restaurants… A little of everything. It is the largest district by far, and edges against the fire district and the gold district.
The Pearl District – Dominated by the temples and the faithful. Large, small, holes in the wall… hidden temples, dark and light. Yan-Gin likes to believe itself to be equal in terms of religion, but it is truly more concerned with the flow of Coin.
The Copper District – Slums and tenements, mostly, along with human owned businesses. Mostly owned by richer people from other districts, some humans have risen or crawled above, and have finer homes and neighborhoods within the district. This is the district most inland, which no part touching the sea.

Although, not a power player yet, there is a rising power in the Pearl District. The Church of Tytris, lead on Ankara by Grand Marshall Janora Tarmikos.


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