Sir Rothgrin Ilthorn

Paladin of the Church of the Revered Tytris


Sir Rothgrin joined the Church of Tytris, and whole heartedly believed in it’s teachings of the dangers of magic. He spent much of his young years as an acolyte to the church where he believed in what he was doing. When he took his oath as a Templar of the church he took a new name, and the only name he goes by now. It was during these early years where he was a party to some of the purges that the church regularly participated in.

He soon left the comfort of the grand cathedral not able to watch the cruelty that his church committed in the pursuit of a noble goal. Saving the world from the cataclysmic possibilities magic could cause. Under the guise of spreading the message of the church he took to new lands and met new people along the way. It was just as much his mission to preach Tytris’ message as it was for Rothgrin to try and figure out what that message actually meant. It was during one such stay in a small hamlet on one of the many islands that Rothgrin had a vision and could feel a divine might course through him while he prayed. It was that event that finally set him on a path that he has devoted himself to ever since.

Tytris’ message was not of genocide in order to protect the world, but that of temperence. Tytris was a shield to protect instead of a sword to cull. So Rothgrin took up a new mantel as a paladin of Tytris, and found himself heading to the distant shores of Yan-Gin. It took a lot of work, but eventually he managed to found a small denominational church to Tytris. However the stigma that had followed him since he left the Grand Citadel made getting started a difficult prospect. Particularly from a Copper District councilmen named Ferran Al Vazod. The human didn’t want the church in Yan-Gin regardless of the form it was in.

However there were still some out there that feared magic, and others that feared their own abilities with it. Of those people in Yan-Gin there were some that came to join Rothgrin’s church with it’s message of temperance and prohibition towards magic instead of using it’s power recklessly. While the followers of Tytris as whole might not approve of the more moderate message there were still some that felt it a more appropriate response.

You are well known in Yan-Gin, the City of Fire, in the southern bay of Ankara. What role do you play in the city?
Sir Rothgrin Ilthorn leads a small denominational church of Tytris that goes my the name of The Church of the Revered Tytris.

Why did you become an adventurer?
He originally believed in his church whole heartedly, but as time went on he found their methods cruel and barbaric. He wanted to find a better way, and went in search of it.

Why are you still willing to adventure?
Rothgrin is always willing to adventure when the need for dealing with a magical threat, or when there is a need for strong individuals to aid others. Especially in the event of a magical disaster.

Name one organization that is positively inclined towards your character?

Name one organization that is negatively inclined towards your character?
The Human Coalition which is no doubt due to Al Vazod’s influence, and the Church of Tytris due to his more moderate interpretations of Tytris’ will.

Who is one person (Player or NPC) you trust?
Nerith Nal Har’ran, a human and one of the first individuals that listened to Rothgrin’s message when he first started to proselytize. It was Nerith who listened when Rothgrin was still preaching from his spot in Prophet’s Square, where those without a formal temple would preach their messages, and didn’t dismiss Rothgrin as yet another crackpot. Nerith was even instrumental in helping Rothgrin to eventually build his own small church. He is probably one of Rothgrin’s oldest and truest friends since coming to Yan-Gin.

Who is one person (NPC) you do not trust and what is their role in the city?
Ferran Al Vazod, Councilmen of the Copper District. A man who’s magical talents make him a worry especially with the power he is amassing among the humans of the Copper District.

Sir Rothgrin Ilthorn

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