Dr. Amon-Q'Trell PhD - "Dr. Trell"


Dr. Trell stands around 5’6", more rotund than most other Illithid around him. While in the City, he is often found in vestments of gold and purple, standing out in the dull drab surroundings around him. While outside the city, his clothing is much more muted, almost blending in with the rest of the world.

Most would describe him as even tempered, a good representative of the College of the Mind, and a staunch advocate against religious zealotry. As opposed to many high ranking members of the College, Dr. Trell seems more at home outside the political backrooms and social meetings.

For those who have ventured out into the wild with him know that Dr. Trell can hold his own. A competent Scientist, he often lets others lead as he follows his own agenda. When in combat, he normally keeps his distance from the main fray. Dr. Trell is adapt at the offensive as well as providing support.

If the combat comes to him, though, Dr. Trell is fully capable. His stature grows to almost seven feet, and he has been known to produce psychic weaponry that he wields proficiently. For those that get well too close, Dr. Trell has been known to grapple them with his tentacles, ruthlessly disposing of the offender.

While his exact agenda is unknown, he can be counted on during times of needs. He does not shy away from danger, as he is also not afraid to speak his mind.


You are well known in Yan-Gin, the City of Fire, in the southern bay of Ankara. What role do you play in the city?
As the highest ranking local representative of the College of the Mind, I provide any guidance or assistance as needed by the City. I have been known to go to social gatherings, political in nature, as well as aid in the defense of the City when in times of need. To be frank, I tend to stay away from the bigger politics of the City, and I’m better known within the ranks of the College than the City itself.

Why did you become an adventurer?
This is not adventure, this is furthering the discipline of Field Sciences. If I can not bring innovation along with my students, then who can? Also, the College requires a certain degree of interaction to ensure that it’s greater goals are met.

Why are you still willing to adventure?
If we do not push the bounds of ourselves, then no one will. Also, an invitation to the Stronghold of Light allows me to further my research.

Name one organization that is positively inclined towards your character?
Other than the College, I have very good relations with the Guild of Iron and Powder, which is the chief Orchish Guild for firearms development. In my time, I have provided them with resources, as they have to myself and the College.

Name one organization that is negatively inclined towards your character?
I have had many of the spirited debates with the Church of Tytris, who are extremely shortsighted. Some of their zealots have made some disturbing actions against the College, as well as it’s members. I believe that they think I am someone of extreme importance.

Who is one person (Player or NPC) you trust?
Xanven Dryadson, my local liaison from the College to the City. He helps me navigate the area and handles many of my personal matters that I don’t care to.

Who is one person (NPC) you do not trust and what is their role in the city?
Grand Marshall Janora Tarmikos of the Church of Tytris. I feel like she watches me far too close, and is waiting for an opportunity to defame my work. Also, I do not believe she is above using darker elements to discredit or remove me.

Who was the great love of your character’s life?
There is no place for love in what I do. There is much too much on the line for that.

What was the nicest thing a stranger’s ever done for your character?
I don’t allow strangers to do things for me, that is a dangerous proposition to undertake.

What is your character’s greatest accomplishment?
Establishing the discipline of Field Sciences within the College of the Mind. It was a struggle and a fight, but it is now thriving.

What is your character’s greatest failure?
There is no such thing as a failure, only learning experiences.

What is your character’s favorite beverage?
Brine-wine, while hard to find sometimes, would be my favorite. Luckily, mostly only Illithid enjoy it’s taste, so it’s rather exclusive.

What is your character’s favorite food?
I would have to say Humanoid, though I do also have a penchant for extra-planar. Unfortunately, though, extra-planar does give me heartburn.

What is your character’s favorite weapon?
My mind. It provides me with almost everything that I could need.

What is your character’s opinion on magic?
Magic is horrible and downright unpredictable. Science is vastly superior, and should continue to overtake the lesser runic magic practices to ensure proper use and stability.

What would your character break his moral code over?
Religious zealotry. I believe I would break my moral code to snuff out just a small bit of it from the world.

If your character a cat person, a dog person, or other?
To be honest, I’ve never been a person who enjoyed appetizers. I would rather just go right to a main course.

What are your character’s religious beliefs?
That they should be abolished when zealots run the insane asylum. Moderation is key when delusions of grandeur exist.

What is your character’s greatest fear?
Never accomplishing another great addition to the Sciences and the College. Greatness is not defined on what you have done, but what you have contributed for the future.

Dr. Amon-Q'Trell PhD - "Dr. Trell"

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