Rune Magic

Rune Magic is accessible by anyone. It is both the greatest strength, and the greatest weakness of the magic.

Rune Magic is language and position based magic. It takes longer than most spells, but has the advantage of not exhausting a user – at a greater risk. A rune spell is recorded on an item… carved into a tablet, written on a scroll, recorded in some manner. This is known as a Design.

A Design must be used in the casting. If it is lost, stolen, or destroyed, the spell can no longer be cast.

Once a Caster has the Design for the spell they wish to cast, they can activate the Rune Spell.

Spells are slower…

Normal Spells take one round to prepare, sacrificing actions, bonus actions, and reactions.

Spells that are normally bonus spells take a full round, sacrificing your action, bonus action, but not your reaction.

Reaction spells cannot be cast as Rune Magic.

Activation is a D20 roll + Prof at a DC of 15 + Spell level.
If you are proficient in Arcana, you double your Prof Bonus.
Failure to Activate causes a mishap of magical energy.

Success and failure can still cause a burst of Wild Magic (Roll a D20, on a 1, Wild Magic occurs)

DC for saving throws against Rune Magic are 12+Prof. The prof bonus is also doubled if trained in Arcana.
Attack spells against Infernal or Celestials (Demons) gain advantage.
Infernal and Celestials have disadvantage on saving throws against Rune Magic.

Rune Magic

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