Magic Items

In the Shattered Islands, permanent magics are much rarer that other magics.

Sone magics are more common, such as potions and scrolls. Rune scrolls are more rare, but there are always people who search for them.

One use magic items, known as Relics, are the most common major items. These can include magical ammunition such as arrows, bolts, or even rumored firearm ammunition.

Some magic is permanent, and are never for sale… Heroes, Myths, and Legends are built upon such items. They exist through the ages, rarely, if ever, destroyed, and passed from generation to generation. The Illithid College of the Mind is said to have great scientists able to create items of this magnitude, but the cost, magically, is great. There are also items of divine, or extra planar origin, that have been found and lost within the isles.

Magic Items

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