Character Creation

Character Statistics
As we have decided on a slightly higher power base, please use the following stat line, distributed how you wish among attributes:
18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 10

No evil alignments.

Character Level
Characters will start at level 5.
Maximum hit points can be rolled, or you can use the following calculation:
((Max HD+ Con modifier) X 1) + ((Avg. HD + Con modifier) X 4)
ie. Max hit points 1st level, half hit dice (round-up) every level after 1st

Inherent Magical Ability
All players start with the Magic Initiate feat for free.
In addition, users gain a 2nd level spell from the same list at 5th level, which follows the same criteria for the 1st level spell.
Note: These spells must be learned separately if they are to be part of your normal spell list – the inherent spells cannot be cast using normal spell slots, but do not require material components, though all somatic and verbal requirements are instinctual.

Alternate use – some people have managed to internalized their magic use – this is common among cultures or societies that believe magic is abhorrent. By giving up the Magic Initiate feat can be traded in for a +1 stat modifier at 1st level, and +1 stat modifier at 5th level.

Ability Score Progression
Per normal, ability score improvement through levels can be traded for a feat.

All races will be allowed.
Gith and standard races with Shattered variants are not from the Shattered Islands, and can be played, but will not have include the Inherent Magical Ability. They have arrived either through divine intervention or planar travel.

Starting Equipment
You start with 500 gold, plus the following:
Starting equipment of your class.
A horse (or pony)
5 healing potions

The following questions need to be included on your character entry in the character section. Each can be answered in just one or two sentences, and you can be vague or specific.

You are well known in Yan-Gin, the City of Fire, in the southern bay of Ankara. What role do you play in the city?

Why did you become an adventurer?

Why are you still willing to adventure?

Name one organization that is positively inclined towards your character?

Name one organization that is negatively inclined towards your character?

Who is one person (Player or NPC) you trust?

Who is one person (NPC) you do not trust and what is their role in the city?

Who was the great love of your character’s life?
What was the nicest thing a stranger’s ever done for your character?
What is your character’s greatest accomplishmen?
What is your character’s greatest failure?
What is your character’s favorite beverage?
What is your character’s favorite food?
What is your character’s favorite weapon?
What is your character’s opinion on magic?
What would your character break his moral code over?
If your character a cat person, a dog person, or other?
What are your character’s religious beliefs?
What is your character’s greatest fear?

Character Creation

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