Kildrak Bradwardine (Kiv)

Dwarven Cleric of Nature


Kildrak (he prefers Kiv) is a man devoted to restoring the world to balance and finding knowledge once considered lost.


You are well known in Yan-Gin, the City of Fire, in the southern bay of Ankara. What role do you play in the city?
I am a scholar in the old ways of the world and of the natural order of this plane. I have studied extensively in the magical arts and consider myself to be rather well versed in this area. This comes with its perks as well as its negatives, but all in all I know the land and sea quite well and can help with guiding and finding things once thought lost.

Why did you become an adventurer?
I became an adventurer for the learning possibilities. The world is vast and travel is difficult, but necessary if one wants to find the treasures of knowledge that abound outside of the mere walls within the worn down library I became accustomed to. I travel, risking life and limb in order to find what I seek.

Why are you still willing to adventure?
As stated above, I adventure because I have not found what I seek. If I am every blessed enough to do this, I will continue to work towards finding out more about the world in which we live, looking into the past and possibly into the future for guidance.

Name one organization that is positively inclined towards your character.
I have hired many a shady person or group in my time in order to continue my work. It’s not that I don’t try legal means to do things, just that often times people don’t comply with my wishes. As of right now, I am on pleasant speaking terms and good relations with a small den of high end thieves in a Gith community in Yan-Gin.

Name one organization that is negatively inclined toward your character.
A few certain mages up north may or may not be upset that I may or may not have made notes in a certain ancient tome while in their library. In my defense…it’s not as if they were using it, I was the first to read it for many centuries based on the dust collected.

Who is one person (Player or NPC) that you trust?
I trust anyone who helps me do what I aim to do.

Who is one person (NPC) that you do not trust and what is their role in the city?
I have come to have issues with a certain thieve’s guild in Yan-Gin that deals in antiquities – we had a deal that they went back on just over a year ago. I had commissioned them to obtain a specific sculpture, and they did obtain it – then they sold it having found out it was worth more than I had paid them. Not that I have an issue with capitalism, but that is just play bad business.

Who was the great love of your character’s life?
I fell in love once, but she was taken from me in a terrible storm whilst we were moving to a more prosperous city. We were both thrown overboard, as were most of the passengers. I managed to get to shore, but I never saw her nor heard from her again. I did happen upon another passenger from that ship in my travels since that day and his recollection was different than my own…but that’s for another day.

What was the nicest thing a stranger’s ever done for your character?
I was once given passage on a ship for free. Once.I have found that most things in life that are worth paying for are worth taking…or paying for I suppose. If it was given then they really didn’t want it in the first place.

What is your character’s greatest accomplishment?
I survived the native tribes of the eastern jungle, and managed to escape with a relic of unique origin that subsequently allowed me to find a few other items that have helped me along my way.

What is your character’s greatest failure?
Losing the love of my life, and a portion of myself in the process.

What is your character’s favorite beverage?
A nicely aged elven wine, preferably in the 100-130 year range.

What is your character’s favorite food?
He is a vegetarian, so he’s not very picky, but he does enjoy good freshly-made bread.

What is your character’s favorite weapon?
He uses a sling that is not well thought of, but is certainly very useful and easy to keep concealed on oneself.

What is your character’s opinion on magic?
It is a necessary part of daily life.

What would your character break his moral code over?
My moral code is somewhat amorphous, blending and bending to the situation and circumstances. But I suppose if I had to lay down in stone one moral code, then yes I would break it if I felt it necessary.

Is your character a cat person, dog person, or other?
Animals are a part of our natural order of things…but they also tend to eat more than they bring in and destroy things that are hard to replace. So…other.

What are your character’s religious beliefs?
I am a devout follower of older natural gods that formed the world, shaped it in their image. I respect others’ beliefs and their deities but am not convicted to try to convert others in any real way.

What is your character’s greatest fear?

Kildrak Bradwardine (Kiv)

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