"Dread Red" Bartholemew "Limey" VanHorn

An imposing figure. Dark hair frames his unusually handsome (for a half-orc) face. His jovial manner betrays his reputation as a murderous and un-killable pirate, making him all the more fearsome.


Standing at an imposing 6’ 4”, Limey (AKA Dread Red) is an imposing figure. Dark hair tamed by a red bandana frames his unusually handsome (for a half-orc) face. A Raven (“Mac” Macabre) is perched on his shoulder. Limey’s jovial manner betrays his reputation as a murderous and un-killable pirate, making him all the more fearsome.

Limey is able to pilot and navigate any waterborne vessel. In fact, he’s supernaturally good at it. He’s a friend of animals, and some say that he can see through the eyes of birds.

Limey is a good leader who can control an unruly crew. He’s able to talk himself out of trouble, and he’s a good hand at smuggling and heists.

When things go sideways, you can count on Limey to pack a punch. He may be in melee, shooting from around a corner, or hurling fire from the rigging, but he’s got your back.


Details of Limey’s previous ship:

Death’s Reaver was bought and paid-for after fulfilling a certain amount of business for a confidential patron. Said patron insisted that proceeds from illegitimate goods are not to be considered; a troubling misunderstanding since all of the business has been illegitimate.

This former patron sent his fleet after Limey, sinking The Reaver. It was for spite or to throw-off the authorities; possibly both. It was a particularly bloody battle. The Reaver took three ships with her to the bottom of the sea.

This turn of events gave Limey two advantages. First, it was believed that Limey went down with the ship and all of his men, when in fact he survived. This gained him the moniker “Dread Red”, and the reputation of being both an unholy terror, and some kind of revenant.

Secondly, the cargo that went down with the Reaver is said to be worth more than gold. This is in fact true, however the rare spices that filled The Reaver’s hull are quite worthless now that they’re soaking in the watery depths. Limey has done nothing to quell the rumors. In fact, he encourages speculation.

Limey is quite content to allow the legend of his ship and his reputation to perpetuate. In the meantime he is angling for a new ship which he’ll christen, “The Reaver’s Revenge”.

You are well known in Yan-Gin, the City of Fire, in the southern bay of Ankara. What role do you play in the city?

Was I?! That’s the last known port of Death’s Reaver, and where the legend of “Dread Red” began. I’m a feared pirate and smuggler. My patrons are wealthy and desperate, of very high or very low standing.

Why did you become an adventurer?

The thrill of the heist, and the mystery of the open sea.

Why are you still willing to adventure?

I’ll ride the reputation of Dread Red like a wave through the maw of hell itself.

Name one organization that is positively inclined towards your character?

Anyone with money who needs to get out of a jam.

Name one organization that is negatively inclined towards your character?

A certain trading company which I have yet to settle a dispute with. You’d think killing me once would be enough for them. Before I’m done, that whole trade fleet will burn.

Who is one person (Player or NPC) you trust?

No one. But I act like I trust everyone. And to be honest, my crew I trust to do their jobs. Legends of “Dread Red” tend to keep a man honest in his work aboard my ship. Well, truth be told, there are a scattering of folks I trust. It’s no kind of life to walk in fear of betrayal. I choose to embrace the inevitable.

Who is one person (NPC) you do not trust and what is their role in the city?

The unnamed leader of a certain trading company, -I never actually met him, her or it. But when I do, I’d certainly like to know why my ship is collecting urchins.

Who was the great love of your character’s life?

The sea, of course! But there is, well, let’s just say there’s a certain tavern I always visit; the barmaid there is quite the lady.

What was the nicest thing a stranger’s ever done for your character?

I have a defacto “mom” at port. She runs a fruit and vegetable market, and always has some wise words, a hot meal, and a bed for me.

What is your character’s greatest accomplishment?

The winning of the Reaver!

What is your character’s greatest failure?

The soon after, loosing of the Reaver, RIP.

What is your character’s favorite beverage?

Salted pale ale with lots of head. Tis like being kissed by the ocean.

What is your character’s favorite food?

Limes. I eat them whole. That’s why they (used to) call me Limey. Another legendary fact about me… I have perfect teeth. Rare to impossible among sailing men.

What is your character’s favorite weapon?

Well-chosen words. Sparing that, a rapier or pointy stick will do.

What is your character’s opinion on magic?

Yes, please!

What would your character break his moral code over?

If I’m shit-out of friends, and the chips are down, I may just live up to my reputation. I don’t like to ask where my limit is. –I may not find it.

If your character a cat person, a dog person, or other?

If it eats rats, I’ll take three for the boat.

What are your character’s religious beliefs?

In the midst of a bad storm, I’ve been known to pray and curse all of them. I’ve never had a wreck, so whatever religion I’m practicing, it’s working.

What is your character’s greatest fear?

I never want to die old and forgotten. A heroes’ death for me!

"Dread Red" Bartholemew "Limey" VanHorn

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